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Mortgage Broker Las Vegas

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Buying a home can be a great investment in the quality of your life.  But finding the right financing and mortgage rates in Las Vegas, is the part that no one wants to deal with.  Thats why our mortgage broker in Las Vegas is here to help you get the simple and affordable financing you’re looking for to purchase the home of your dreams.  With so many options for home loans in Las Vegas, let our loan officers guide you through your options to the one that offers you the best rates and saves you the most money over time.

About Us
We are the best mortgage lenders in Las Vegas, working hard for our customers to get them the best Las Vegas mortgage rates whether they are first time home buyers or are looking to refinance a mortgage.  With our years of experience getting clients the best rates in Las Vegas home loans, our clients trust us when it comes to making the best plans for their home investment. As certified FHA lenders in Las Vegas we can help clients with their home loan no matter their financial circumstances. We even refinance existing loans saving our customers thousands of dollars in payments.


Our Services

As a premier mortgage company in Las Vegas, we help our clients get everything they need for a home mortgage.  Our full range of services includes creating a customized set of options for our clients, whether they’re looking for a home refinance, or to better understand VA loans, or Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans in Las Vegas.  We also help our clients with conventional loans, guiding them through the process of deciding between fixed rate and adjustable rate terms.  For those with existing home loans, we can also refinance Las Vegas home loans. We stand by our clients throughout their home purchasing process.

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VA Loans

For veterans of our armed services, VA loans are a great way to obtain a mortgage that’s guaranteed by the Department of Veteran Affairs.  These types of VA home loans offer low or no down payments, as well as lower VA mortgage rates.  They can even eliminate out of pocket costs at signing.  With a VA home loan in Las Vegas, Nevada, clients are able to forego private mortgage insurance, which can be costly in other loan types.

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FHA Loans

FHA loans in Las Vegas are a type of government backed loan that are best handled by local Las Vegas mortgage lenders.  Because the rates on these loans vary by state and county, our team of experts know how to get the best FHA mortgage rates in Las Vegas.  We stay on top of the current FHA loan limits in Clark Country Nevada, and FHA loan requirements, allowing our clients to make the most informed decisions when it comes to this kind of loan.

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Conventional Loans

Conventional loans in Las Vegas are a great option for home buyers with a good credit history.  Whether looking to refinance a home, or obtain a conventional mortgage in Las Vegas, these loans offer a number of benefits.  Conventional loans, when combined with a large down payment tend to have the best rates for monthly installments.  And for those looking to buy a more costly home, conventional non-conforming loans, known as “jumbo loans” are available as well.

“My husband and I were looking to refinance our FHA loans, so we called Mortgage Broker Las Vegas to get a consultation. They told us over the phone that we qualified for a streamline refinance, which saved us tons of time and money. We highly recommend them for the wonderful knowledge and expertise!” – Janine T

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“I was having trouble finding a loan because of past credit history.  A friend recommended Mortgage Broker Las Vegas for some help.  After meeting with their loan officer, they were able to list several options that worked with my current finances.  They gave me a chance, and now I’m happy in my new house.  Thanks!” – Jesse W

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“I had found my dream home and just needed to find the right home loan to get it.  We spoke to a representative and they were able to help us get a conventional home loan at a rate I could barely believe.  Thank you Mortgage Broker Las Vegas!  I have you to thank for getting me into my new home!” – Anna J


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There are a number of reasons a homeowner looks to refinance their loan, and we’re here to help clients get the best rates on a Las Vegas refinance.  Using our mortgage calculator, we assess the costs over time of a current loan, to help decide if there’s a better option that will save money over the course of the loan.  For FHA loans in Las Vegas, we offer FHA streamline refinancing assistance, getting our clients better terms with minimal credit investigation.

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Fixed Rate Mortgage

Depending on individual circumstances, our clients can opt between a fixed rate or variable rate mortgage.  With a fixed rate mortgage, borrowers are able to better create long term financial budgets as their monthly payments stay the same for the duration of the loan.  Alternatively with a variable rate mortgage, rates change with the market.  Evaluating each case individually, our experts help to guide our clients towards the type of rates that best suit their needs.

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Throughout the home purchase process, our team stands by our clients with all the necessary financing options and administrative support to make home financing an easier process.  Our loan officers can pre-approve candidates, as well as offer personalized assistance. We use our industry connections to get our clients the best Las Vegas mortgage rates.  No matter the circumstances - bad credit, unconventional income or any other issues we make sure that the purchasing process goes smoothly.

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Contact Us Today

Working with our clients to get them the loans they need is the foundation of our Las Vegas mortgage company, and why our clients love working with us.  We offer the necessary support from pre-approval, through the last loan payment that lets our clients know we’re here for their questions and concerns.  When you contact us, our representatives can set up a consultation for your home loan or Las Vegas refinance that will find the best solution for you.  Call us today and let our mortgage calculator assess your finances and find the best Las Vegas mortgage rates for your home.