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For first time home buyers in Las Vegas or veteran home owners, our mortgage brokers are here to guide you through the process of getting a new home loan in Las Vegas.  We offer personalized assistance, during which our brokers meet with you to find out every way we can help you get the most affordable rates.  We find our clients the best loans, no matter their economic situation, and get the most affordable rates that make sense with their future financial planning.  Our clients know they will be helped throughout the approval process, making the procedure as straightforward as possible.

Personalized Assistance
At Mortgage Broker Las Vegas, we treat each of our client’s home loans to a personalized process, letting them know we care about getting the best mortgage rates available.  In consulting with our clients, we strive to fully understand their financial situation, and find them rates that make sense.  Our mortgage company has relationships with both local and national lenders, meaning we find the best prices available nationwide.  When it comes to first time home buyers, our knowledgable staff is here to guide you every step of the way, making sure you understand every option available for your home mortgage.

Finding A Loan
No matter the financial situation we find the home loan our clients need at the best mortgage rates.  Even for those with bad credit, we work with them to find a loan and financing plan that gets the funding they need to buy a home.  With non-W2 income or other unique income scenarios, we assess and present the financial position to our preferred lenders that work with us to meet the borrowing needs of our valued clients.  For those with a military background, we help with all aspects of VA home loans in Las Vegas.  We also are experts on FHA loan requirement and FHA mortgage rates in Nevada.

Getting the Best Rate
When it comes to home loans in Las Vegas, our team of loan officers work hard to get the best rates for our clients.  Our professional staff undergoes training to help predict market rates, as well as diligently following current rates so we can educate our clients to make informed decisions when it comes to finding the right loan.  In addition we perform detailed assessments of our clients finances, finding any ways in which we can get their rates lowered.  By maintaining strong relationships with national lending institutions, our preferred lenders offer us great rates that we extend to our clients.

Approval Process
Throughout the approval process, our team is here to make closing on a new home as simple and seamless as possible.  After our clients need to come in for an initial consultation, we do our best to handle the rest, keeping our clients informed while they trust us to do the legwork.  Our loan officers update clients as necessary, so they know exactly where they stand throughout the process, as well as keeping them up to date on correspondences.  We provide and simplify all closing paperwork so our clients arrive at their closing assured that everything will be ready to go when they’re ready to close on their new home.