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When it comes to Las Vegas home loans there are a number of contributing factors that could cause a need for refinancing a home over time.  Market prices may have changed, you may have switched jobs, or you may need money for some home repairs.  Whether its an FHA streamline refinance, or just trying to get better terms, we at Mortgage Broker Las Vegas, find the deal that best suits your current situation. Our mortgage lenders understand Las Vegas mortgage rates, and will assess both your loan as well as the current financial environment so you can benefit from having a better payment plan.

Refinancing a Mortgage
The main purpose of refinancing a mortgage is for our clients to reap the financial benefits of better rates on their long term loan.  A home refinance can be a simple process for those with good credit history, or for any clients who have a solid history of repayment on their existing loan.  Our team can help switch from an adjustable rate mortgage with high interest, to a lower interest, fixed rate mortgage that will stay consistent over time.  Rates can be reflective of the economy so we’re here to expertly assess the trends and find the best long term plans for our clients.

Benefits of Refinancing
When refinancing a loan, our mortgage company offers pre-approval for those shopping for new home mortgage rates.  Refinancing can help improve your credit score, which is a great benefit for those refinancing in order to take out a loan for other purposes.  In addition, refinancing from an adjustable loan, VA loan or FHA loan to a conventional loan often comes with better interest rates, meaning our clients save more money in the long run.  In addition, we can help incorporate the closing costs into the loan terms, meaning no up front cash is necessary until the first payment is due.

FHA Streamline Refinance
At Mortgage Broker Las Vegas, we refinance FHA loans.  With a FHA streamline refinance, a quick and easy process, we help our clients save tons of money in the long run with less hassles.  The borrower’s current loan is evaluated to ensure a year of consistent payments, but no credit check is necessary.  If payments have been dependable, a reduced interest rate can be offered.  In doing this monthly payments are permanently lowered, saving our clients in interest payments.  During our FHA streamline refinancing, not only do clients save money but also the time and paperwork of going through a full refinance.

Cash Out Refinance
Another type of loan refinance is a cash out refinance, which is a home refinance that gets the borrower cash back at closing.  Although cash becomes available at the end of the process, the loan amount is increased, meaning longer payment terms or higher payment amounts.  These types of loans are good however, for those involved in debt consolidation or needing a loan to make home improvements.  Our mortgage lenders are there to accompany and educate our clients throughout this process to find the most cost effective way to get the cash back and keep payments affordable in the future.