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VA Loans

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We love our country, and we support our service men and women by providing them with the fastest most comprehensive VA home loans in Las Vegas, Nevada.  A VA loan is a home mortgage that is approved by the U.S. government and guaranteed through the Department of Veteran Affairs.  We at Mortgage Broker Las Vegas are familiar with the details of these loans, which is why we can offer customized programs that best take advantage of this service offered to our troops.  With a VA loan, borrowers get better rates, and our experts help eligible candidates to navigate this type of loan.

Availability to Military Service
As qualified Las Vegas VA mortgage providers, we are here to help clients maneuver the details of setting up a VA loan.  These types of loans are not only available to veterans, but can also be taken advantage of by those on active military duty as well and in some cases, the spouses of those lost in the line of duty.  Candidates need a VA loan certificate of eligibility, which we help our clients obtain.   Some stipulations of the loan may be based on service time, but regardless of stipulations, our team is here to ensure that our clients reap the most benefits of a loan that suits their homeowner needs.

Personalized Service
The best part of working with our Las Vegas mortgage lenders is the friendly, customized service we offer our clients.  We appreciate our veterans and want to provide them with seamless service when it comes to getting their loans.  Our team of experts help with all necessary paper work from getting the VA loan certificate of eligibility, through the loan approval, as well as continued support to ensure our clients are getting the best rates.  We help with financial advising services that ensure money is being spent as efficiently as possible, including whether or not a down payment can help the client save money in the long run.

Lower Rates
One of the biggest perks of getting a VA loan backed by the government is the lower rates it offers the borrower.  Because of the government backing, veterans are offered numerous benefits that can ease the borrowing process and save them money in the long run.  As opposed to conventional or FHA loans, no private mortgage insurance is required, an expense that can save clients thousands of dollars over the course of the loan.  The government backing also means there’s usually no down payment required, which lets those applying for a Las Vegas VA mortgages have less up front, out of pocket costs to worry about.

Though the government does everything it can to help make it easier for veterans to get a VA loan, there are still some costs associated with the process.  There is an appraisal fee, which is the fee charged by the VA when they assess the property and make sure the borrower is getting a residence that is safe, livable and that they’re being charged a fair value.  There’s also a funding fee that is a percentage of the total loan amount, which can be bundled into the loan costs.  This fee is adjusted based on total time of military service as well as the down payment.